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Connecticut Web Design Services

Responsive Websites

Businesses must have a fully functioning and responsive website to survive in the current environment. River Valley Digital offers full-service web design in Connecticut. Our sites are built to be responsive on Personal Computers, Mac Books, tablets, and all mobile devices. From start to finish, our web design process always involves you. Our first step is usually a preliminary meeting with you (in person or virtual).

After that, we develop a wireframe that consists of the site’s basic design. We also include color choices and fonts. The creation process is next with turnaround time depending on the complexity of the site design and size. After that, you will be sent a rough draft that you can review at your convenience. We then review your edits and implement them.

The launch is the last step. We offer 48 hours of complimentary observation to make sure everything goes smoothly with the site launch. Our web design clients have included biotech companies, law firms, human resource consultants, landscapers, mass response notifications, nonprofits, and more. You can view our work here

Mobile Web Design

All the websites we build automatically come optimized for viewing on mobile phones. Up to 75% of site traffic comes from mobile phones so having a great mobile site is essential. After we build your regular site, we do a full mobile site audit and edit. We will likely make certain changes to make the site look its best on a mobile phone. We then test the changes on both Apple and Android devices.

We can also implement certain features just for your mobile site. Because the speed of the site may slow down on a mobile device, we do a speed test on your mobile site before launch to make sure it performs as well as your desktop site does. We also offer mobile site redesign for older sites that have not been optimized as of yet.

E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce sites have been increasing in popularity since COVID-19 hit the Unites States. Being able to sell online allows business owners to still have a lucrative income without having to have people physically shop in their stores. E-Commerce has also allowed many restaurants and food businesses to implement online ordering and take out.

We offer a variety of options for E-Commerce sites including custom-built sites on WordPress with WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce. E-Commerce sites tend to take a little longer to build than regular sites. There are a lot of steps involved to get an online store up and running. We design the site first and after aesthetics are figured out, we will start the process of uploading products, adding descriptions, pricing, and shipping information.

Before the site goes live, we will perform several test transactions to make sure the payment processing system works. Because you as the business owner will be shipping the items, we ask you to be as involved as you can in the site creation process. .