River Valley Digital

Connecticut Paid Search Services

Though we try our best to do completely organic digital marketing campaigns, sometimes a boost is needed for campaigns to take hold. We offer three types of pay per click and search engine marketing types. We offer Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Linkedin Ads. Don’t worry about your ad budget, we can make some great ads with budgets as little as $25.00.

Paid search advertising has an amazing array of options for creating the ads. Retargeting ads are gaining popularity because they are an easy way to get ahead of the competition. Video ads are also increasing in popularity, and we just started offering that as a service.

Our ad creation goes as follows, we meet with you to discuss your wants and needs and discuss your ad budget. After deciding on a budget, we will go ahead and start researching what type of ad would work the best. We then do keyword research and send a rough draft to you before the ad goes live.

We usually run the ads one month at a time. We do this so that we can have time between campaigns to review the ad analytics. After the month is over, we will go over the ad results with you and use the data for the next campaign.