River Valley Digital

Connecticut Email Marketing Services

One of our digital marketing mantras has always been “get in touch and stay in touch”. There are many ways to do this with internet marketing but one of the best is email campaigns. Email marketing can help your business do amazing things. Our campaigns have increased website sales, site visits, and conversions.

We try to have our emails be more information-based than sales based and that is why our emails are often linked to our content marketing campaigns. We run our email marketing campaigns through our partners, Constant Contact, and MailChimp. Both have pros and cons and differences in prices. We let you decide which one to use based on the needs of your business.

We also create signup forms so that you can grow your subscriber list both on your website and within your location. Like our websites, our email campaigns are optimized to be viewed on both computers and mobile devices. After the creation of the email is complete, we will send a test to you and ourselves to make sure the email looks great and functions properly.