River Valley Digital

Mobile App Development

If you have fully functional and great looking website, it might be a good time to take the next step and create an app for your business. Mobile apps are dominating the retail and food industry. Consumers can use mobile apps to do everything from order food for pickup to listen to a podcast. They became extremely popular during the pandemic because retailers were able to give customers the option to buy on their app and then do curbside pickup.
Mobile apps are River Valley Digital’s newest service.

We work with a content management system called Bizness Apps to create the applications. There are some extra things needed to set up a mobile app. As the app owner, you will need an Apple Developer account for the app to be available on the Apple Store. In order for the app to be available on Google Play, you’ll need a Google Play Developer account. The last thing you will need is a monthly fee to host the app on Bizness Apps. All of this will be available when we create your first quote.